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Visual identity, 2012
Typography, 2012 3 GJENDE REDESIGN
Packaging, 2011 A lot of people have a stronger relationship to the deer on the biscuit than the packaging. This led to a leading role to the dear deer on the new packaging, where he is surrounded by illustrations inspired by the ingredients, Gjende experiences and Gjende occasions in nature and home. The name Gjende stems from a mountain range, therefore the mountain shaped window. The original packaging. 4 SOUND AND VISION PT.1
Posters, 2012 Brian Eno - Paleosonic
Associations leading to the result:
Power poles, falling, stress, restlessness, my kindergarten, lost, jimi, army, strings, insects, metal, wierd walking, structured chaos, change of directions. A Saner Lynch - A Second Day
Associations leading to the result:
Movement, small steps, ballet, drama, running.
Birds, the woods, hunting, persecution. 4 SOUND AND VISION PT.2
Posters, 2012 The longboards are made in the same manner as old Norwegian wooden skis, so the client wanted the profile to reflect Norwegian identity and origin. The result was a pure and vibrant profile to suit the young people moving from the rural Norway into the cities. The ones who misses the smells, tastes and sense of freedom from the country side. We wanted to give them the feeling of nature — right in the city center. To bring the freedom and pureness of nature into the city, we were inspired by the thought of the longboard as a leaf flying out from the woods and into more urban environments — thus the name and logo. The colors represent the ocean and the woods. Made in collaboration with Marcus Pedersen and Pawel Bilaz. 5 LEAF LONGBOARDS
Visual identity and illustration, 2011 The visual identity for Øyafestivalen 2013 was based on the thought that Øya is so much more than just music. There are several layers in a good festival experience, and different amount of layers to different people. The yearbook layout is inspired by the importance of getting a good mix of artists and genres, which was assosiated with the mix of students in a school class. This was a school exam, and is not in use by Øyafestivalen. Gjende is a classic biscuit most people in Norway have a nostalgic relationship to. It is the biscuit you get at your grandmothers house, the biscuit you have in your backback when hiking, the biscuit you always eat in good company. The brief was to redesign the packaging with the original values intact. Typography by Mille Windfeldt.
This is a school asignment, and is not in use by Sætre productions. The functionality also needed improvement, which resulted in a open/close solution. (No more Gjende crumbs in the backpack - woho!) A slab serif display font inspired by classic and modern typography. And by Paris. Music: Air - Universal Traveler
Photography: Oleg Dou, Palani Mohan and NIck Meek
Made in After Effects
Editorial, 2013
My First School Book: On my way to freelancing is a dummies' guide to beeing a graphic design freelancer. In the research phase, I met a lot of people with their own business, saying that they should have known more about all these boring facts before they started. With an easy going and personal writing style, kind and nostalgic design and some tasks to break things up, My First School Book is an attempt to make all the boring stuff a bit easier to start reading — and to read all the way through. Because this book is concerning fundamental, basic knowledge (for some), the concept and layout is inspired by the first books you have of basic knowledge: The ABC and your first grade notebooks with the patterns you used to draw.
S is for Startup
K for Clients
O for Organization
Ø for Economy and J is for Law.
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